Chair Massage

Chair massage is most often performed in a setting where people do not want to undress, and is usually of shorter duration, generally 10-30 minutes.  This is a great modality for corporate wellness days, employee or teacher and staff appreciation days, business openings, sporting events, and parties. Areas of the body most worked on are neck, shoulders, forearms and shoulders, but the entire back can easily be massaged. Though a 10 minute massage may not sound like much, even these short sessions can have very profound effects  and can bring a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 


When calming therapeutic sessions are the goal, therapists bring in their chairs and supplies such as soft music, mood lighting, and aromatherapy when desired to create a little oasis in your space. For an upbeat event such as a fun run or golf tournament, we will keep the energy high and encourage your guests to have fun while refreshing body and spirit.

Rates are $1 per minute, but special event pricing may be available.   Call, text or email with questions and to schedule your event.


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