Body Work

Bodywork is a type of manual massage therapy that encompasses a variety of different approaches to address many of the aches, pains, and movement restrictions experienced by many people.

These different approaches are known as “modalities.” Bodywork encompasses such modalities as: circulatory massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, and myofascial release. Other modalities include sports massage, trigger point therapy, and IASTM.

Specialized modalities such as manual lymphatic drainage and energy work also fall under the heading of bodywork and can be done as a full session (or integrated with other modalities in the same session).



60 minutes  $75
90 minutes  $95

A focused massage, usually only treating 

half the body or a specific area or body part. A full body massage can be performed 

in 60 minutes, however, there will not 

be enough time for focused work on a

specific area.

A great choice for most people who want a full body massage with a little extra love on one or two areas. A 90 minute massage is a leisurely massage that will allow you to float away into total relaxation and come away rejuventated.

120 minutes  $130

A lovely massage experience.  Melt into total relaxation as your entire body is massaged with special care given to every area that needs it. A twonderful massage whether its stress relief you're looking for, or have an injury or problem area that needs patient care to restore it, this is truly a treat, and one that you will definitely want to repeat.

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Erica G.  "To wake up pain free was the best. Thank you again."

Karina C.  "I've been feeling great...! Been using the stretching you taught me while at work for my hands and neck. Thanks so much!"

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